Wheatsheaf Group is an international investor in food and agriculture businesses.

Our purpose is to rethink and re-shape how food is grown, produced, distributed and consumed. We partner with like-minded people to understand the complex interconnectedness of our agricultural ecosystem to manage its effects and enhance human health, our environment and enable producers to thrive. We are one of the largest and longest established investment teams in the sector. Adopting a far-sighted perspective we aim to develop innovative business models and harness the insights and power of technology to identify, develop and scale up lasting solutions.

"Our aim is to rethink and help reshape a better food system: one that improves human health, our environment and that enables producers to thrive. We believe in carefully working with nature, harnessing new technologies to deliver commercially viable solutions that are lasting."

Graham Ramsbottom

CEO, Wheatsheaf Group

Graham Ramsbottom

CEO, Wheatsheaf Group

How we do business

We are a values-led business where integrity, respect and trust underpin everything we do as we strive to uphold the highest standards of conduct in all of our business activities.

Our approach to food and agriculture is anchored in the belief that what we eat, and each stage of how we grow, produce and distribute food is part of a complex interconnected system that can positively influence our health, ecosystem and climate.

How the world fulfils its food needs has become increasingly disconnected from nature and a significant contributor to environmental decline and unhealthy dietary choices. Food producers and growers are not adequately rewarded by the system, nor are they encouraged to invest in its long-term wellbeing.

Through significant advances in technology and analytics we can now better understand the true impact and implications of food.

Producing food in a better way will increasingly help enhance our ecosystem and address the spiralling and unsustainable costs of healthcare.

Our work is to use capital and expertise with a far-sighted perspective to act on this knowledge and advance alternative approaches which can benefit both current and future generations.

Part of the Grosvenor Estate

The Wheatsheaf Group was established by The Grosvenor Estate in 2012 to invest in innovative companies looking to improve the way food is produced and help feed the world’s growing population – building a business of significance to diversify the Estate’s activities beyond property and land over the course of a generation.

The Grosvenor Estate encompasses all the business activities of the Grosvenor family whose ancestry can be traced back almost 1,000 years. As well as Wheatsheaf, it includes Grosvenor Group – an international property company with a track record of over 340 years – and the Family Office, which manages the Grosvenor family’s rural estates in the United Kingdom and Spain, their philanthropic activities through the Westminster Foundation, Realty Insurances, and other specialist functions focused on heritage and conservation.

By being part of The Grosvenor Estate, we share in the heritage of an organisation involved in agriculture since the 1400s and benefit from the seamless access to a number of international offices, local networks, relevant expertise and knowhow.

Find out more at www.grosvenorestate.com 

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